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Government Type:
Authoritarian Regime


Austria is a minor power in the southern part of Central Europe. They historically were annexed into the Flag of German Reich German Reich after an Austrian Nazi takeover on March 12th, 1938. The next day, the Anschluss of Austria was declared and German military forces moved in.

National Spirit[edit]

Austria starts the game in the 1936 start date without a national spirit.


Austria begins with the following researched:

  • Basic Infantry equipment
  • Weapons I
  • Support Equipment
  • Recon Company I
  • Engineer Company I
  • Mountain Infantry I
  • Fighter


Austria is a mostly isolated country, with all diplomacy values revolving around "Different Ideology", "Same Ideology" and "Same Ruling Party". The only exception is Flag of Italy Italy, which starts with a -20 opinion because they claim each others' provinces.


Austria does not belong in any alliances to begin with.


Austria is in Central Europe squished between the Flag of German Reich German Reich, Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia and Flag of Italy Italy. It is made up of three states: Tyrol, Upper Austria and Lower Austria. They have a large amount of land borders, bordering the Flag of German Reich German Reich, Flag of Switzerland Switzerland, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, Flag of Italy Italy and Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia. They are landlocked, with no coastal borders (however coasts are only a few provinces away).

Austria is a somewhat diverse geographical area, with three main chunks of land types. 62 percent of Austria is made up of younger mountains of the Alps. Three ranges of the Alps – the Northern Calcareous Alps, Central Alps, and Southern Calcareous Alps – run through Austria west to east. The largest range -- the Central Alps - are mostly granite and run from Tyrol to lower Austria. There are many areas of glaciers around here. The Northern Calcareous Alps run from Tyrol into Salzburg then along the German border then through the Upper and Lower regions of Austria until it finds its way to Vienna. The Southern Calcareous Alps run along the Yugoslavian border.

The other 28 percent is hilly or flat, such as the Northern Alpine Foreland, Southeastern Alpine Foreland, Danube Valley and Danube Basin in northeastern and eastern Austria. Around here - especially north of the Alps in Upper and Lower Austria and the Danube Basin - are the best places for settlement because they are flat, arable (able to grow crops) and are not too cold.

The final 10 percent is the Bohemian Forest that contains a low mountain range, bare plateaus and a harsh climate.

National Focus[edit]

Generic national focus tree.

Austria utilizes the Generic national focus tree since it is a minor nation.

The generic focus tree has 5 main branches:

  • Army Effort gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
  • Aviation Effort gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
  • Naval Effort gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
  • Industrial Effort builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full)and grants extra research slots.
  • Political Effort gives the country choices on which political path they will take.


Austria is subject to the "Anschluss" event by the Flag of German Reich German Reich, usually happening in 1938-1939. When Germany completes the National focus associated with the event, Austria will get the following event:

Germans press for Anschluss

Civil unrest and acts of violence have broken out as protesters voice their desire for Austria to join Germany in a union of German peoples. Berlin is pressing hard for an Anschluss, which would see Austria annexed into their nation.

Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

Event button.png
We shall join the German Reich!
Event button.png
No, Austria's destiny lies elsewhere.

Choosing the first option (accepting the Anschluss) will have Germany annex Austria and the game will end for the Austrian player. Choosing the second option (Refusing the Anschluss) will return another event to Germany and allow Austria to stay independent. Germany will, however, gain an 'Annex' war goal against Austria and will very likely declare war shortly afterwards to conquer and annex Austria by force.


Political Parties[edit]

In 1936, Austria starts with its right-winged, but non-aligned Vaterländische Front (Fatherland Front) party in power. It is lead by Kurt Schuschnigg, who assumed the position of Chancellor of the Federal State of Austria after the assassination of his predecessor. Austria does not exist at the start of the 1939 scenario, as it was annexed by the German Reich in March of the previous year.

Id. Party name Popularity Leader Ruling
Democratic Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs 1.00% Karl Renner Yes
Communist Kommunistische Partei Österreichs 1.00% Alfred Klahr No
Fascist DNSAP 50.00% Arthur Seyss-Inquart No
Non-Aligned Vaterländische Front 48.00% Kurt Schuschnigg Yes


Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 30% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • –5% Research time
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed


Political Advisors

Advisor Type Effect Cost
Julius Raab Captain Of Industry Civilian Factory Construction Speed +10%, Infrastructure Construction Speed +10%, Refinery Construction Speed +10% 150 pp
Franz Koritschoner Communist Revolutionary Daily Communism Support: +0.10, Gain Event Communism On The Rise 150 pp
Wilhelm Miklas Fascist Demagogue Daily Fascist Support: +0.10 150 pp
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Prince of Terror Effect of partisans on us: -25.0%, Foreign subversive activities efficiency: -30.0% 150 pp
Adolf Schärf Democratic Reformer Daily Democracy Support: +0.10, Gain Event Move Towards Democracy 150 pp
Leopold Figl Popular Figurehead National unity: +15.0% 150 pp


3 Military factory Military Factories 0 Naval dockyard Naval Dockyard 9 Civilian factory Civilian Factories
Oil.png Oil Rubber.png Rubber Steel.png Steel Aluminum.png Aluminium Tungsten.png Tungsten Chromium.png Chromium
2(1) 0(0) 8(4) 0(0) 0(0) 0(0)

*These numbers represent the available resources for production at start of the game. In the bracket are the complete numbers including those lost for trading.


Manpower totals 98.11K, with 30.37K Free Manpower. Austria is also the only nation in the game with access to a Chief of Army (Expert) that gives an Entrenchment Speed Bonus, which is +8%.


7Infantry.pngInfantry Divisions 1Cavalry.pngCavalry Division 1Mountaineers.pngMountaineer Division

Total: 9 Divisions

Manpower.png Manpower Used: 66.90K


No No Ships

Total: 0 Ships

Manpower.png Manpower Used: 0

Air Force[edit]

42 Air Skirmish.png Fighters

Total: 42 Planes

Manpower.png Manpower Used: 840

Strategies and Guides[edit]

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