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A faction is an alliance of nations that can call on each other when fighting a war.

Germany, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union start off leading their own factions. In addition, "The United Chinese Front" may be formed by Nationalist China.

Other nations gain the capability to form their own factions through their national focus trees. There is no limit on the number of factions there can be. The rules of each faction are taken from whoever creates them.

If a nation is overrun while in a faction, they are not eliminated entirely until the faction leader is forced to a peace conference.

If a faction leader capitulates, they may be replaced as faction leader by another major power within that same faction. Major powers refer to ones with highest number of factories (within top 7, or 70% of the average of the top 7, but 35 factories minimum), or the leader of a faction. A faction will not be forced to a peace conference until all major powers in it have capitulated. A nation will also be considered a major power if they become leader of a preexisting faction, by the original leader being annexed or puppeted.

Faction members can choose to leave a faction, but this causes a significant relations modifier faction traitor (-75 relations). A faction member cannot leave a faction during war, of which the faction is fighting in. The leader of a faction can't choose to leave. The leader can disband the faction if they, and any puppets they have, are the only members.


The Allies are the main democratic faction, led by the United Kingdom.

Start date members
1936 1939 Typical Additional Members

Note: The Commonwealth nations will leave the Allies if UK becomes fascist or communist without the Together for Victory DLC.

Axis Powers[edit]

The Axis are the main fascist faction, led by Germany.

Start date members
1936 1939 Typical additional members
Flag of Germany Germany


The Third Communist International, abbreviated as the Comintern, is the main communist faction, led by the Soviet Union.

Comintern gets much cheaper wargoals for puppeting other countries.

Start date members
1936 1939 Typical additional members

The Chinese United Front[edit]

The Chinese United Front is a smaller faction that may be formed by Nationalist China in order to unite the Chinese against the Japanese invaders. Note that it does not exist in the 1936 start date.

Start date members
1936 1939

Other possible factions[edit]

All countries (except the Flag of British Raj British Raj with Together for Victory, though this may be an oversight) can acquire the ability to create factions through their national focus tree. In general, these have no default name, with the player choosing a name when inviting the first member. Several specific factions, inspired by counterfactual history, do have pre-set names, however, and are listed below.

Daitoa Kyoeiken[edit]

The Daitoa Kyoeiken (Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere) is a faction that may be formed by Flag of Japan Japan after taking the National Focus 'Found Our Faction'. It's based on the real-life japanese propaganda that said the objective of Japanese expansion was to create an "Asian bloc free of western influences".

Starting members
Possible members

Novus Imperium Romanum[edit]

The Novus Imperium Romanum (New Roman Empire) is a faction that may be formed by Flag of Italy Italy after taking the National Focus 'Italy First'. Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria will be an initial member.

Possible members

Moscow-Berlin Axis[edit]

Can be created by the German Reich after the National Focus 'Alliance with the USSR', this alliance will be comprised of Flag of Germany Germany and the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union.

Little Entente[edit]

The Little or French Entente is a faction that can be formed by Flag of France France with the 'Little Entente' National Focus. When this faction is formed, France won't join the Allies. Based on the real life alliance with the objective of preventing Hungary rearming and/or a Habsburg restoration in Austria.

Possible members

Asian Syndicate[edit]

If Comintern is dissolved, then Flag of Sinkiang Sinkiang, Flag of Mongolia Mongolia and Flag of Tannu Tuva Tannu Tuva can form the Asian Syndicate.


Active with Poland's unique focus tree available through the free DLC with the 'Between the seas idea'. It will be formed by Flag of Poland Poland and can be expanded to include the Baltic states. The faction has bases on the historical idea of the Intermarium, in polish Międzymorze, a plan created by politician Josef Piłsudski in which the eastern European countries that broke free from Russian control would create a federation between the Baltic and Black seas. In the game, however, the Międzymorze is only a military alliance.

Possible members

Brotherhood of Europe[edit]

Although a very rare sight, this faction can be created by the British AI (although you may need to play around with cheats a bit). The Brotherhood of Europe is created by Flag of United Kingdom The British Empire, the fascist version of the United Kingdom. It is possible that it will only be created once a very large number of fascist countries are in the game. Nations in a civil war may also be invited and the faction can also be created by the British Empire while it is in the process of formation during in a civil war with the United Kingdom.

Possible members

The Brotherhood of Europe tends to invite any and all fascist nations, such as fascist versions of commonwealth countries into it and although most nations recruited will be fascist it is not a requirement.

The exact requirements for this faction to be formed are unknown although one observed scenario shows that if a civil war breaks out in the United Kingdom between the fascists and the ruling party and the United States has become fascist (becoming the Free American Empire), the Flag of United Kingdom British Empire may form the faction along with the Flag of United States Free American Empire and then invite additional members.

These may include:

These are the only ones witnessed by players, however more may be added to this list if they are seen joining this faction.

Northern Sovereignty Coalition[edit]

If Flag of Canada Canada chooses to become independent from the Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom and become fascist it can either join the Axis or support fascism in Flag of Mexico Mexico and create the Northern Sovereignty Coalition. Doing this can give a favourable outcome in a war with the Flag of United States United States.

North-American Alliance[edit]

If Flag of Canada Canada remains democratic but becomes independent and leaves the Allies, it can invite the Flag of United States United States into a new democratic faction called the North-American Alliance.

South-West Pacific Initiative[edit]

An independent, democratic Flag of Australia Australia can invite the Flag of United States United States into this faction.

Western Pacific Sphere[edit]

An independent, fascist Flag of Australia Australia can invite Flag of Japan Japan (if not yet in the Axis) into this faction.

African People's Union[edit]

An independent, communist Flag of South Africa South Africa can form this faction. It has no default members and will have only South Africa at the game start, however, they can conquer colonies from Flag of Portugal Portugal; Flag of Belgium Belgium; Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom and create puppets.

Possible members

The Europe Confederacy[edit]

An independent, fascist Flag of Hungary Hungary can invite Flag of Nationalist Spain Nationalist Spain (if not yet in the Axis) into this faction.

The American Concordat[edit]

An independent, democratic Flag of United States United States can invite Flag of MexicoMexican opposition and Flag of Panama Panama into this faction.

French Alliance[edit]

If the Little Entente has not been created but Flag of France France backs Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia in the Sudetenland crisis (or Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia in the ahistorical Slovenia crisis), and Britain does not, then France will create a faction called the French Alliance, and invite Czechoslovakia/Yugoslavia.

Domination Française[edit]

If Flag of France France becomes fascist, it can invite Flag of Italy Italy (via the 'Woo Italy' focus) into the 'Domination Française' faction.

Pan-Slavic Worker's Congress[edit]

If Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia becomes communist, it can invite Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria and Flag of Albania Albania into this faction. It should be noted that Albania isn't a Slavic country.

Czech Entente[edit]

An independent, democratic Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia can invite Flag of Romania Romania, Flag of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, and Flag of Hungary Hungary into this faction.

Pact of Rome[edit]

An independent, fascist Flag of Hungary Hungary can invite Flag of Austria Austria and Flag of Italy Italy into this faction. However, it is important to note that Flag of Italy Italy will still be able to form it's own faction.

Northern Lights[edit]

If Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Denmark Denmark, Flag of Norway Norway or Flag of Finland Finland create a faction with each other they are likely to call it Northern Lights and will then proceed to invite the other Nordic countries into it. If the Międzymorze has not been formed by Poland yet, then the Baltic countries (Flag of Estonia Estonia, Flag of Latvia Latvia and Flag of Lithuania Lithuania) are also potential members. This is in relating to the Achievement Northern Light.