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Mexico City

Government Type:
Authoritarian Regime


National Spirit[edit]

Mexico starts with no National Spirits in 1936.


1936: Mexico begins with the following technologies researched:

  • Basic Infantry equipment
  • Artillery
  • Fighter
  • CAS I
  • Bomber

Mexico starts with only two research slots available.


Mexican independence is guaranteed by the United States at the beginning of 1936.


The immediate border with the United States is host to the Chihuahua Desert on the Mexican side, with the exception of the Baja peninsula it quickly turns into the Sierra Madre mountain range for much of the rest of the country.

Mexico controls 13 states:

  • Baja California: Rural
  • Sonora: Rural
  • Chihuahua: Rural
  • Coahuila: Developed rural
  • Tamaulipas: Developed rural
  • Durango: Rural
  • Jalisco: Developed rural
  • Veracruz: Developed rural
  • Mexico City: Urban
  • Guerrero: Rural
  • Oaxaca: Rural
  • Chiapas: Rural
  • Yucatan: Rural

Mexico is bordered by the United States on its North and Guatemala,United Kingdom on the South.

National Focus[edit]

Mexico has the Generic Focus Tree as with most minor countries.


Political Parties[edit]

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader Country Name Is Ruling?
Partido Acción Nacional Democratic 5% Manuel Gómez Morín Mexican Opposition No
Partido Comunista Mexicano Communist 1% Dionisio Encina Mexican Socialist Republic No
Unión Nacional Sinarquista Fascist 0% Salvador Abascal Synarchist Mexico / Mexican Empire No
Partido de la Revolución Mexicana Non-Aligned 94% Lázaro Cárdenas Mexico Yes


Neutrality Partido de la Revolución Mexicana (Non-Aligned)

  • No Can force government of another country to adopt the same ideology.
  • No Can puppet a country
  • Generate war goal tension limit: +50%
  • Join faction tension limit: +40%
  • Lend-lease tension limit: +40%
  • Send volunteers tension limit: +40%
  • Guarantee tension limit: +40%
  • Ideology drift defense: -30%


Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 30% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • –5% Research time
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed




3 Military factoryMilitary Factories 0 Naval dockyardNaval Dockyard 8 Civilian factoryCivilian Factories
Oil.png Oil Rubber.png Rubber Steel.png Steel Aluminum.png Aluminum Tungsten.png Tungsten Chromium.png Chromium
24 0 2(0) 0 5 0

*These numbers represent the available resources for production at start of the game. The difference between the Surplus number and the Produced number are goods already used in factories. Mexico begins the game using its 2 steel for Basic Infantry Equipment production.



4Leg infantry.pngInfantry Divisions 2Cavalry.pngCavalry Divisions

Total: 6 Divisions


Mexico in 1936 has no navy or dockyards but has 9 evenly spaced naval bases.

Air Force[edit]

12 Close air support.png Close Air Support

Total: 12 Planes

Airports located in Oaxaca, Mexico City, Baja California and Yucatan.

Strategies and guides[edit]

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