People's Republic of China

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People's Republic of China
Chinese People's Republic.png

Government Type:
Totalitarian Regime


The People's Republic of China (PRC) is a minor nation in eastern Asia. It starts with 7.91 million population in the 1936 start date.

Historical background[edit]

In 1911-12, the Qing Dynasty collapsed, and the Republic of China was formed. However, various warlords also arose, carving out territories from the former empire. In 1921, the Western powers having ignored pleas for aid confronting the warlords, the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union answered by supporting both the Communist Party of China and the much larger Chinese nationalist Kuomintang government of the Republic of Flag of China China. Under Soviet urging, the two sides formed the First United Front in 1923. In 1927, tensions between communists and nationalists flared, with left-wing KMT members either joining Mao Zedong's CPC or being purged by Chiang Kai-shek's right wing KMT. Soon, armed communist revolts erupted and the Ten Year Civil War began.

Nationalist campaigns into communist territory in southern China were interrupted from 1929 through 1931, when Japanese expansion in Manchuria (the Mukden Incident and subsequent territorial concessions) halted nationalist offenses for a time. Mao's forces declared independence as an otherwise unrecognized Chinese Soviet Republic existing in various pockets throughout China. 1932 to 1933 saw limited success for the KMT, though new failure to halt Flag of Japan Japan forced demilitarization of the area around Beijing. But in 1934, careful encircling maneuvers crushed communist pockets, leading Mao's forces to exile on the Long March. However, communists reorganized in the arid province of Yenan in far northern China during 1935 and 1936. There, Mao's conviction in communism's inevitability strengthened. The civil war was temporarily halted in 1937 when Flag of Japan Japan invaded Flag of China China and the CPC and KMT formed the Second United Front to battle the Japanese.


The PRC only starts with one 1918 land tech. The nation starts with the Mass assault doctrine. The People's Republic of China starts with only two research slots.


The People's Republic of China starts the game with a truce with China. In the north Japan is justifying a war goal with the Chinese Border Incident, the PRC will most likely end up at war with the Japanese. A border war with Nationalist China will happen a few months into the game.


In the 1936 start date, the PRC has no alliances. In 1939 however, the PRC is in the Chinese United Front faction with Flag of China China that is at war with Flag of Japan Japan.


The People's Republic of China begins with a National unitynational unity of 70%.

National spirits[edit]

The People's Republic of China does not start with a national spirit.

National focus[edit]

Generic national focus tree.

The People's Republic of China is a minor nation, therefore it uses the generic national focus tree like most of the world does.

The generic focus tree has 5 main branches:

  • Army Effort gives army experience and research bonuses to army research.
  • Aviation Effort gives air experience, builds air bases, and research bonuses to air research.
  • Naval Effort gives navy experience, builds naval dockyards, and research bonuses to navy research.
  • Industrial Effort builds civilian and military factories (usually even if building slots are already full)and grants extra research slots.
  • Political Effort gives the country choices on which political path they will take.


Communism Communist (Communism)

  • No Can force government of another country to adopt the same ideology.
  • Yes Can send volunteer forces
  • Yes Can hold territory owned by a country they are not at war with
  • Puppet cost: -30%

Political Parties[edit]

Political Party Ideology Popularity Party Leader
Communist Communism Communist 100% Mao Zedong
Democratic Democracy Democratic 0% Huang Dong
Fascist Fascism Fascist 0% Liang Jin
Non-Aligned Neutrality Non-Aligned 0% Random Leader


People's Republic of China starts with the following laws in 1936:

Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Service by Requirement.png Service by Requirement
  • 10% Recruitable population
  • +20% Training time
  • –10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • –10% Construction speed
Total Mobilization.png Total Mobilization
  • 10% Consumer Goods factories
  • +30% Military factory construction speed
  • −30% Factory (type) conversion cost
  • –3% Recruitable population
Closed Economy.png Closed Economy
  • 0% Resources to market

Of note, “Closed Economy” and “Total Mobilization” are the most aggressive trade and economy laws.


Political Advisors

Advisor Type Effect Cost
Lin Bojiu Armaments Organizer Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: -20% 150 pp
Zhou Enlai Ideological Crusader Same ideology opinion: +20% 150 pp
He Yuandang Captain of Industry Civilian Factory construction Speed: +10.0%, Infrastructure construction speed: +10.0%, Refinery construction speed: +10.0% 150 pp
Zhang Guotao Communist Revolutionary Daily Communism Support +0.10 150 pp
Tan Kenom Democratic Reformer Daily Democracy Support +0.10, Gain event 'Move Towards Democracy' 150 pp
Luo Wu Sun Fascist Demagogue Daily Fascism Support +0.10, Gain event 'Fascism on the Rise' 150 pp



4 Military factoryMilitary Factories 0 Naval dockyardNaval Dockyard 2 Civilian factoryCivilian Factories
Oil.png Oil Rubber.png Rubber Steel.png Steel Aluminum.png Aluminium Tungsten.png Tungsten Chromium.png Chromium
0 0 4 0 3 0

*These numbers represent the available resources for production at start of the game. In the bracket are the complete numbers including those lost for trading.


The remaining Manpowermanpower is at 512.16k at the 1936 starting date. It can be raised by changing the conscription law by spending 150 Political powerpolitical power per level.


8 Infantry.pngInfantry Divisions

Manpower.png Manpower Used: 42.00K


The PRC starts with Mao Zedong as a Lvl.4 Field Marshal with the Defensive Doctrine trait granting Max Entrenchment: +30%.


No No Ships

Total: 0 Ships

Manpower.png Manpower Used: 0

Air Force[edit]

No No Planes

Total: 0 Planes

Manpower.png Manpower Used: 0

Strategies and Guides[edit]

Having narrowly escaped certain destruction at the hands of the Kuomintang, the People's Republic of China is left weakened, cornered and isolated. A red island of Communism in the middle of the mess that used to be China. Yet the battle for uniting China is far from over, the Flag of China Kuomintang may have the upper hand but the PRC is in a prime position to make a comeback from the brink of destruction. There is much however that needs to be done in order for that to become possible.

Now rise from the ashes O'mighty red phoenix!

At the start of the game, the PRC has the following things at its disposal:

  • 7.91M population under its control with 512.16K eligible for conscription.
  • A very strict set of laws (Service by requirement, Closed Economy, and Total Mobilization)
  • 8 Infantry divisions totaling 42K manpower in the field.
  • 4 Units of Steel and 3 Units of Tungsten in resources
  • 6 Factories; 4 Military and 2 Civilian

The East is red (Communist/Main Path)[edit]

At the start of the game the first priority should be rearming and re-equipping the depleted and weakened volunteer militia the PRC has scraped together from its followers. Since you are going to need rifles for that, you industry needs to be expanded. Rush the Industrial focuses in the National Focus tree to secure an additional 8 factories for yourself along with an additional research slot. Once you have gotten the supply issues in the army sorted out, you should start training up new divisions to expand your military. Organize all of your divisions into a single army and assign Mao Zedong as its leader. You will need about 20-30 divisions of your starting template for your initial conquests.

As far as military doctrines are concerned, the Mass Assault doctrine has already been pre-selected and it is a useful doctrine for early gameplay but will eventually need to be replaced with another doctrine later on. Alternatively, you could research Towed Artillery and divert some of your factories for producing Artillery pieces. This will allow you to greatly increase your soft attack and hard attack stats which can be a very helpful thing for both offense and defense. If you choose to go for the Artillery, then you should elect the Superior Firepower doctrine instead as it synergizes better with an Artillery-heavy army.

The PRC needs to expand in order to become more competitive with Nationalist China and there are two prime candidates for doing this; those being Flag of Shanxi Shanxi and Flag of Xibei San Ma Xibei San Ma. Station your troops on the border with Shanxi and justify the "Retake core states" war goal on them. It should only take about a month to do this. Once you have acquired the war goal against Shanxi, declare war on them and invade, aiming to capture Taiyuan and then push northwards towards Suiyuan. When Shanxi is about to fall, justify the "Retake core states" war goal against Xibei San Ma. Ideally, the war goal justification should finish right after the war with Shanxi ends. Move your troops over to the border with Xibei San Ma and declare war on them, moving to capture Lanzhou first before making your way towards the capital of Golmud.

After annexing Shanxi and Xibei San Ma, the PRC will now have access to a population of little under 32 million and somewhere between 20 and 30 factories. This does not mean that the PRC's expansion ends here, in fact, one of the PRC's most powerful assets is the fact that Nationalist China has a national spirit, named "Communist Uprisings" which, if the party popularity for Communism rises too high, it will cause an entire state to defect to the PRC's control. As such, you should start boosting party popularity in Nationalist China right as you start (before even unpausing the game at the start), allowing you to essentially take over China piece by piece.

By this point, in 1937 approximately, the Marco Polo bridge incident is slated to happen which will very likely lead to a war with Flag of Japan Imperial Japan. You will get an event where Flag of China China asks you to join them in defending against the Japanese invasion. The choice is yours, the historical choice is to join the war, upon which you will enter China's faction and join the war against Japan. Alternatively, you can also decline the request, but remember that an AI-controlled China is unlikely to survive against Japan and once China falls, you will be left with a much stronger Japan. If you do not have the skills, power or confidence to take on a stronger Japan, you should join the war.

Once in the war, you have two main priorities, defending the main front in northeast China and repelling any Japanese Naval invasions elsewhere in China. The AI repeatedly fails to adequately defend the coast and therefore you may have to send some of your troops in to help the Nationalist Chinese at repelling the Japanese landing force. Do not let Japan get a chance to open up a new front elsewhere as this will divert troops from Northeast China and stretch out the collective defense force of the PRC and China, making it harder to defend over all.

You will likely spend the next three to five years at war, depending on how things go, but if you play your part right, you should be able to slowly push Japan back.

In Northeast China, focus on forcing Flag of Mengkukuo Mengkukuo and Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo to capitulate, then invade Korea and expel Japan from the Chinese mainland. Reaching the Japanese Home Islands will be harder as this will require either ships or Paratroopers. Since you do not (presumably) have a coast as the PRC, then a paratrooper invasion of Japan is the only logical way to approach the problem.

Since Japan has a very strong airforce and is still very capable of deploying units to defend its homeland, you will need a lot of planes to gain air superiority, a lot of planes to transport the invasion force troops and a lot of Paratroopers to face the remaining Imperial Japanese Army units. How many paratrooper units you will need will depend on how many units Japan has left by this point as well as on how your paratrooper divisions are structured template-wise.

Once Japan has been taken out, assuming they did not join the Axis, you will enter into a peace treaty. In the peace treaty, try to annex as much land as possible in Northeastern China to increase your population and available build slots. You will need the extra manpower and industry in your upcoming war With Nationalist China. If you get the chance to do so, you could try puppetting Japan. Having Japan as a puppet can be quite useful as Japan will retain full access to its manpower pool and industry and can be a useful ally to have in future wars.

Once the war with Japan is over, the alliance with Flag of China China will eventually fall apart and the civil war will resume, this time as an actual in-game war with actual fighting. When the war breaks out, northeastern China will revert to the PRC's control and you will gain 10 infantry divisions if you control Suiyuan and are at peace with the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union. The strength of your opponent, Nationalist China will vary, depending on how much land they have lost due to Communist uprisings. This is why it is important to boost party popularity in China from the game's start. If the war with Japan takes long enough, you could technically take over all of China without ever needing to do to war with them.

Once in the war, focus on capturing Beijing, Nanjing and Chongqing. These cities yield the most victory points when captured and will contribute the most to Nationalist China's fall when conquered.

The Backstab strategy (Control all of China)[edit]

Pretty much follow the same strategy as mentioned above in the "The East is red" path untill Japan starts a war with China. This time refuse to join the united front and instead keep building up your armies. You can invade Tibet, Nepal and/or Bhutan while you wait since the Allies won't care what happens in Asia so don't worry about any british guarantees.

After a few months to a little over a year China should be quite weak and some chinese states will have flipped over to PRC by the communist supporters. After China is sufficiently weak start to justify a wargoal against China and declare war. Work together with Japan to defeat China and then take as many states as you can during the peace treaty. After this start to prepare for a war against Japan. After the war breaks out then simply do what you would do normally and push the japanese back to their home island.

This strategy is risky though because it has you fighting Japan alone but if you can hold out long enough for Japan to join the Axis and Axis declaring war on Soviet Union, you can always join the Comintern if you don't think you can defeat Japan alone. You can also join the Comintern before the war with Japan starts, however I recomend you stay out of the Comintern as long as possible since you're a minor power and if Soviet Union falls, you will fall too unless you can uplift yourself to major country status by having lots of factories. Also give military access to Allies so they can send troops to fight the japanese in Chinese lands.

After you have driven the japanese out of China and established a solid defence against any naval invasions, your options are open to either expand even more or try to get a good airforce and then paradrop to Japan.


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