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Soviet Union
Soviet Union.png

Government Type:
Totalitarian Regime

Comintern (Leader)

The Soviet Union (officially “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” or “USSR”) is a major country and the leader of the Comintern faction. It is rich in both human and natural resources and has decent technology. It controls almost the entire northern third of Asia as well as the eastern edges of Europe.


Main article: Soviet events

National focus[edit]

Main article: Soviet national focus tree
Soviet national focus tree.

The Soviet focus tree includes four different trees.

  • Finish the Five Year Plan focuses on development of infrastructure and factories
  • Stalin Constitution focuses on manpower and research
  • Found the PCDI is the main diplomatic tree that focuses on international relations
  • Permanent Revolution / The Great Purge focuses on internal restructuring to unlock the full power of the Soviet Union.


Army Technology Naval Technology Air Technology Electronics & Industry
  • Infantry Eq. I
  • Motorized
  • Mountain Infantry I
  • Paratroopers I
  • Engineer Company I
  • Recon Company I
  • Military Police I
  • Great War Tank
  • Light Tank I
  • Towed Artillery I
  • Destroyer I
  • Light Cruiser I
    • Upgraded Leningrad Class
  • Heavy Cruiser I
  • Battlecruiser I
  • Battleship I
  • Submarine II
    • Upgraded Series IX
  • Transport Ship
  • Interwar Fighter
  • Interwar Bomber
  • Fighter I
  • Naval Bomber I
  • Strategic Bomber I
  • None
  • None

Research and production[edit]

These are the choices of design companies and theorists for the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union.

Tank designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Morozov Design Bureau Mobile Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -10 %
  • Armor:
  • Max Speed: +5 %
  • Reliability: +10 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Astrov Design Bureau Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -10 %
  • Armor:
  • Reliability: +5 %
  • Soft attack: +5 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

OKMO Heavy Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -10 %
  • Armor:
  • Armor: +5 %
  • Hard attack: +5 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Ship designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Nevskoye Design Bureau Ship Designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10 %
Aircraft designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
MiG Design Bureau Light aircraft designer
  • Air Research Time: -10 %


  • Agility: +10 %
  • Max Speed: +10 %

Carrier Fighter:

  • Agility: +10 %
  • Max Speed: +10 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Ilyushin Design Bureau Medium aircraft designer
  • Air Research Time: -10 %
  • Heavy Fighter: Reliability: +20 %
  • Tactical Bomber: Reliability: +20 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Tupolev Design Bureau Heavy aircraft designer
  • Air Research Time: -10 %
  • Strategic Bomber: Strategic Bombing: +10 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Yakovlev Design Bureau Naval aircraft designer
  • Air Research Time: -10 %

Naval Bomber:

  • Operational Range: +10 %
  • Naval Attack: +10 %

CV Naval Bomber:

  • Operational Range: +10 %
  • Naval Attack: +10 %

By selecting this Design Company they will permanently affect capabilities on all equipment researched while they are hired.

Materiel designers
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
GAZ Motorized Equipment Designer
  • Motorization Research Time: -10 %
  • Motorized Rocket Artillery Research Time: -50 %
Tula Arms Plant Infantry Equipment Designer
  • Small Arms Research Time: -10 %
Grabin Design Bureau Artillery Equipment Designer
  • Artillery Research Time: -10 %
Industrial concerns
Designer Type Effect Cost (Political Power)
Stalingrad Tractor Factory Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Time: -10 %
Leningrad Industrial Institute Electronics Concern
  • Electronics Research Time: -10 %
Theorist Type Conditions ( Purged?, etc ) + Effects Cost (Political Power)
Georgy Zhukov Mass Assault Expert YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky

NoHas completed focus Positive Heroism

  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Mass Assault Doctrine: -10 %
Sergey Gorshkov Naval Theorist YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky
  • Naval Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Naval Doctrine Research Time: -7 %
Sergei Rudenko Close Air Support Proponent YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Battlefield Support Doctrine: -10 %
Mikhail Tukhachevsky Mass Assault Expert YesNot: Purged by Stalin
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Mass Assault Doctrine: -10 %
Vladimir Tributs Grand Fleet Proponent
  • Naval Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Fleet in Being Doctrine: -10 %
Alexander Golovanov Air Warfare Theorist
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Air Doctrine Research Time: -7 %
Boris Shaposhnikov Military Theorist
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7 %
Sergei Korolev Rocket Scientist
  • Rocket Research Time: -10 %
Igor Kurchatov Nuclear Scientist
  • Nuclear Research Time: -10 %


National spirits[edit]

Trotskyite Plot? icon
Trotskyite Plot?
  • National unity: −20%
Paranoia and pathological distrust stemming from old power struggles impact the leadership of this nation.
Home of the Revolution icon
Home of the Revolution
  • Ideology drift defense: +50%
  • Yes.png Can create factions
Comrades, with the defeat of the vile Trotskyite counter revolutionaries we were able to focus on defending the revolution. Our goal, our hope, our slogan is Socialism in One Country. We will build a bountiful socialist utopia here in the Soviet Union and the rest of the world will inevitably embrace it.


Brief summary of the state of diplomacy in 1936, including wars, puppets and alliances.

Political parties[edit]

Political party Ideology Popularity Party leader Country name Is ruling?
All-Union Communist Party Communism Communist 88% Joseph Stalin Soviet Union Yes
Trudoviks Democracy Democratic 10% Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky Russian Federation No
RFP Fascism Fascist 2% Konstantin Rodzaevsky Russian Empire No
Non-Aligned Neutrality Non-Aligned 0% Random leader Russia No


A brief summary of the state of the nations economy in 1936.


Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • 1.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 30% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • –5% Research time
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed


Factories 1936
Military factory
36 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
6 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
42 Civilian Factories


Total resources 1936
224 0 652 156 102 416

These numbers represent the available resources, depending on trade law a certain amount may be traded away.


1936 Scenario The player starts the game with 1.22m in manpower available, and the monthly gain for manpower is 2.95k, the player starts with Volunteer Only providing a decent 1.50% of the players core population as manpower which in total is 2.42m. 1.13m of the players manpower at game start is in the army, 30.68k in the air-force and 28.10k in the navy. The Soviet Union has a population of 161.29 million people.

1939 Scenario: The player starts the game with 5.92m in manpower available, the monthly gain for manpower is 9.85k, the player starts with Extensive Conscription providing a +10% debuff to training time and providing 5.00% of core population as manpower which in total is 8.06m. The player begins with 2.02m of your manpower in the army, 84.26k in the air-force and 37.10k in the navy.


Army 1936 Scenario

91Infantry.pngInfantry Divisions 11Light tank.pngLight Tank Divisions 1Motorized.pngMotorized Division 22Cavalry.pngCavalry Division 13Mountaineers.pngMountaineer Division

1936 Scenario: The player begins the game with 91 Infantry divisions, of which 18 are Reserve NKVD Divisions with Military Police. Additionally the player has 22 Cavalry divisions, 13 Mountaineer divisions 11 light tank divisions and 1 Motorized Infantry. The player begins the game producing Infantry Equip1 at 38.50/day on 7 factories. Support Equip1 at 1.37/day on 2 factories. Towed Artillery at 5.50/week on 1 factory. Light Tank 1 at 1.03/day on 3 factories and Motorized units at 2.31/day on 3 factories, however motorized units lack rubber and have a -30% to production speed. You have 18 additional military factories free for any choice in production. The army is pretty average in the beginning, but the Soviet doctrine tree gives them a higher reinforce chance as well as either Large Front Operations or People's Army, It is up to the player upon reaching those doctrines of which to pursue.

Army 1939 Scenario

163Infantry.pngInfantry Divisions 24Light tank.pngLight Tank Divisions 5Infantry.pngParatrooper 25Cavalry.pngCavalry Division 20Mountaineers.pngMountaineer Division

1939 Scenario: The player begins the game with 163 Infantry divisions, of which 19 are Reserve NKVD Divisions with Military Police. Additionally there are 25 Calvary divisions, 20 Mountaineer divisions, 24 light tanks and 5 paratrooper divisions. The game begins with Infantry Equipment I at 204.00/day on 15 factories. Support Equip1 at 5.10/day on 3 factories. Towed Artillery at 3.88/day on 2 factories. Light Tank 2 at 3.77/day on 5 factories. Motorized at 9.52/day on 5 factories, however the players motorized units lack rubber and have a -30% to production speed. The player has 18 additional military factories free for any choice of production. Land doctrine in 1939 is currently at either Large Front Operations or People's Army with Defense in Depth and Pocket Defense aswell as Mass Assault having already been completed.

Examples of alternative division template names for the Soviet Union include:

  • Mountaineers - Gornostrelkovaya Diviziya
  • Marines - Morskaya Pekhota
  • Paratroopers - Vozdushno-Desantnaya Diviziya
  • Motorized - Motostrelkovaya Diviziya
  • Mechanized - Mekhanizirovanaya Diviziya
  • Armor - Tankovaya Diviziya or Tankovyj Korpus


Capital ships 1936 Scenario
3 Battleships
Screens and Submarines 1936 Scenario
Light Cruiser.png
4 Light Cruisers
17 Destroyers
43 Submarines

1936 Scenario: The player starts the game with only 3 Battleships, 4 Light Cruisers, 17 Destroyers and 43 Submarines. For production in '36 the player only has 6 naval dockyards to begin with. The players dockyards are at the start dedicated to producing 4 Destroyer 1's and 31 Submarine 2's. While the player can cancel these productions, the 1st of the 4 destroyers is set to be completed by March 12th 1936 and all 3 of the Submarine lines set to complete another sub by March 21st 1936, to avoid any loss of time and production simply finish these in production before canceling or changing the lines to a different ship class. Naval technology at game start in 1936 includes all of the 1922 ship classes except for carriers, but none of the 1936 ship classes, the Soviets also start with the naval doctrine Fleet in Being providing +10 organization to Battleships, Battlecruiers, and Heavy Cruisers.

Capital ships 1939 Scenario
3 Battleships
Heavy Cruiser.png
1 Heavy Cruiser
Screens and Submarines 1939 Scenario
Light Cruiser.png
4 Light Cruisers
33 Destroyers
86 Submarines

1939 Scenario: The player starts the game with 3 Battleships, 1 Heavy Cruiser, 4 Light Cruisers, 33 Destroyers and 86 Submarines. For production in '39 the player only has 8 naval dockyards to being with. Dockyards at game start are dedicated to producing 14 Destroyer 2's at 1.10/year on a single dockyard. another 14 Destroyer 2's at 1.10/year on a single dockyard. 10 Submainre 2's at 1.40/year on a single dockyard. 9 more submarine 2's also at 1.40/year on a single dockyard. another 9 submarine 2's on a single dockyard at 1.40/year, and finally 3 heavy cruiser 2's on 2 naval dockyards with the first being finished in 11.36 months. In 1939 the player begins with destroyer, heavy cruiser and submarine 1936 tech, all other ship tech is from 1922. The players naval doctrine in '39 Fleet in Being has completed Battlefleet Concentration and Submarine Operations

Air Force[edit]

Air Force 1936 Scenario
Air Skirmish.png
658 Fighters
Naval Strike Tactics.png
108 Naval Bombers
240 Tactical Bombers
Strategic Destruction.png
72 Strategic Bombers

1936 Scenario: The player begins in 1936 with 0 Close Air Support, 658 Fighters, 108 Naval Bombers, 0 Heavy Fighters, 240 Tactical Bombers, 72 Strategic Bombers and 0 Transport Planes. For production at '36 start the Soviet Union is only producing fighters with a single factory for 2.43/month and strategic bombers 11.67/year on a single factory. The player lacks rubber which reduces the production speed by -30%, obtaining rubber via trade should be one of the players first priorities. In 1936 the players begins with the technology for 1936 Fighters / Naval bombers and Strategic bombers. Tactical bombers are outdated to 1933. The player lacks the technology for Heavy Fighters and Close Air Support. The player does not begin with an air doctrine in 1936 and has full choice over any of the three branches.

Air Force 1939 Scenario
Close air support.png
225 Close Air Support
Air Skirmish.png
1140 Fighters
Naval Strike Tactics.png
192 Naval Bombers
768 Tactical Bombers
Strategic Destruction.png
220 Strategic Bombers
Massed Bomber Formations.png
60 Transport Planes

1939 Scenario: The player begins with 225 Close Air Support, 1140 Fighters, 192 Naval Bombers, 0 Heavy Fighters, 768 Tactical bombers, 220 Strategic bombers and 60 Transport Planes. For production at '39 start the Soviet Union is only producing fighters with four factories at 5.55/week and strategic bombers 1.11/week on two factories. The player lacks rubber which reduces the production speed by -30%, obtaining rubber via trade should be a top priority. The players air tech in '39 consists of CAS / Fighter / Naval bomber / Tactical and Strategic bomber 1936 Tech. However you do not start with heavy fighter tech. In 1939 unlike 1936 your air doctrine are chosen for the player. The Soviet Union start with the Battlefield Support tree, having completed Formation Flying and Dive Bombing as well as Direct Ground Support.

Military Staff[edit]

These are the Military Staff candidates for appointment of the Soviet Union.

Chief of Army
Candidate Type I Type II Effects + Conditions ( Purged? ) Cost (Political Power)
Semyon Timoshenko Army Reformer (Expert)
  • Army Experience Gain: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Kliment Voroshilov Army Drill (Specialist)
  • Division training time: -5 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Alexander Yegorov Army Defense (Expert)
  • Division Defense: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Vasily Blücher Army Maneuver (Expert)
  • Division speed: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Chief of Navy
Candidate Type I Type II Effects + Conditions ( Purged? ) Cost (Political Power)
Pyotr Smirnov Naval Aviation (Specialist)
  • Naval Air Attacks from Carriers: +3 %
  • Naval Air Targeting from Carriers: +3 %
  • Naval Air Agility from Carriers: +4 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Mikhail Frinovsky Commerce Raiding (Specialist)
  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Nikolay Kuznetsov Naval Reformer (Expert)
  • Naval Experience Gain: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Ivan Yumashev Decisive Battle (Expert)
  • Capital Ship Attack: +10 %
  • Capital Ship Armor: +10 %
  • Screen Attack: +10 %
  • Screen Defense: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Chief of Airforce
Candidate Type I Type II Effects + Conditions ( Purged? ) Cost (Political Power)
Alexander Novikov Air Reformer (Genius)
  • Air Experience Gain: +15 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Konstatin Vershinin Ground Support (Expert)
  • Air Support: +10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Yakov Smushkevich Air Safety (Expert)
  • Air Accidents Chance: -10 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Pavel Rychagov All-Weather (Expert)
  • Bad Weather Penalty: -20 %

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

Military High Command
Candidate Type I Type II Conditions ( Purged?, etc ) + Effects Cost (Political Power)
Pavel Zhigarev Ariborne Assault (Specialist)

YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky

  • Paradrop Attack: +1 %
  • Paradrop Defense: +3 %
  • Paradrop Agility: +3 %
Stepan Krasovsky Air Combat Training (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky

  • Ace generation chance: +10 %
Ivan Konev Concealment (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky
YesKonev is not supporting a civil war against the Soviet Union

  • Enemy Air Support: -10 %
Arseniy Golovko Amphibious Assault (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by: Trotsky

  • Amphibious invasion speed: +10 %
Konstatin Rokossovsky Armor (Genius)

YesNot: Purged by: Stalin
NoHas completed focus Positive Heroism

  • Armor Division Attack: +15 %
  • Armor Division Defense: +15 %
Aleksandr Vasilevsky Army Regrouping (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by: Stalin

  • Division Recovery Rate: +8 %
Vladimir Kasatonov Submarines (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

  • Submarine Attack: +15 %
  • Submarine Defense: +10 %
Sergei Khudyakov Close Air Support (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

  • Close Air Support Attack: +3 %
  • Close Air Support Defense: +3 %
  • Close Air Support Agility: +3 %
Gorday Levchenko Capital Ships (Expert)

YesNot: Purged by Stalin

  • Capital Ship Attack: +10 %
  • Capital Ship Armor: +10 %

Strategies and Guides[edit]

Resource Shortage is a very minimal problem with the USSR. Early on, focus on decreasing research costs, increasing production and construction speed with national focuses (also, attempt to gain extra research slots).

It is also a good idea to take every company/advisor which increases production or decreases research time. Also worth noting is switching to wartime economy and a free trade economy. The negatives of such decisions are minimal.

In the meantime, the player has many options, such as invading Poland. If the player does so, they will gain a buffer state away from Germany and also more factories. Additionally, they will also remove one enemy. Upon finishing the 'Improve the Stalin Line' national focus and signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the player will also get automatic claims on Poland, the Balkans and the Baltic Sea. Alternatively, invading Romania is also a good idea, but it is very easy to lose supply in such a war, and thus it is important to check logistics before declaring war on them.

Eventually, once the player has a good production base and preferably Poland and/or Romania conquered, they should start incessantly producing military factories that produce and stockpile equipment. The players primary focus should be on upgrades and reinforcements to the army, and later new deployment. It is a good idea to focus on fighters, infantry, light tanks and heavy tanks.

From here, the situation depends on your game and the current wars. If the player wishes to start the war now, they could do so by declaring war on either Germany or the United Kingdom, using their national focuses. If Germany is in a tight spot with a war with the Allies, the player can be opportunistic and declare war on the Axis, and the Allies later. However, if Germany is winning, they can then instead declare on the United Kingdom and defeat Germany next. Alternatively, if the player wishes to consolidate power further, it may be a good idea to clean up the rest of the Balkans and Scandinavia.

Another route of Grand victory at 1936 (Regular mode)

Soviet Union is rich in all resources except rubber. Netherland has huge amount of rubber resources and is vulnerable at start. 16 of the initial infantry divisions would be able to wipe her out. 4 units land on either of the closest ports in Netherland homeland and send the others on the second run and you will conquer her in 1 month.

- With mass resources, however, soviet union is not well industrialized to fully utilize them. How can it make good use of the resources other than military factory builiding? Easy! Attack those with many! US is the best option for Soviet Union to expand. Compared to Netherland, US is a greater challenge and may stand a chance of defending even with <20 units in mainland. Soviet Union must be fully prepared, with ONLY initial units would be enough. In 1936, Soviet Union should start with 11 Panzer divisions, 1 motorised divisions, 20 Calvary divisions, >10 mountaineer divisions. These would be more than enough together with your infantry divisions. Plan an amphibious assault to Alaska from the small island in the north with a level 1 port. 2 divisions would be enough (actually you cannot attack with more divisions, would be explained later). Use your submarines and destroyers in far east to help in your amphibious assault to protect your convoy in the 2 sea zones. Do not start from port of Vladivostok as this require your troops to travel across 4 sea zones and due to the long travel, the risk of being wiped out by US Navy during the travel would greatly increase. Then, if you are lucky, your submarines would be trapped or they would trap the US fleet in the northern seas, allowing your destroyers free for the next amphibious attack. In my play, i ordered my submarines to go to Alsaka to prepare for the next attack but instead they trapped in the battle with US fleet for the whole year and the sea become clear! Then Soviet Union can attack the nearest port in US mainland with the same 2 divisions. Now send your Panzer divions and motorized divisions to the port, and begin your conquest. As Soviet Union has little convoys at start, after building some submarines and destroyers to join your pacific fleets, all docks should produce convoys and divisions can only be shipped bit by bit. Prioritize the troops and make a swift conquer over the sea. Dont worry, your transports would cross the sea of japan horizontally and would not meet US fleet as it is now being trapped by your submarines in the Northernmost sea!! In my campaign, I started in Nov 1936 and ended it in Dec 1937. (11 panzer + 1 motorized + 20 Calvary + 10 mountaineer + 11 infantry) and ended up with ~400 factories by the end of 1938.

- At first I worried about whether the allies would attack if the world tension gone too high. I used the first political points gained by "Stalin Constitution" (first national focus) to make war goals on Netherland and US (at the same time, if not you cannot declare on both at the same time and allies would react!). World tension went up to 20% before I declare war, which was after Spanish Civil War just ended with Communist Victory (Soviet Union of course sent volunteer troops) I declared war on both sides at the same time and Allies did not react! Amphibious Assault must be started at once after declaring war to prevent US fleets noticing the action. Therefore 4 divisions attack Netherland and 2 divisions attack Alaska would be the best option with the limited convoys. Allies did not react even after I conquered Netherland and world tension rise up to 80%!

- All in all, after all these steps, you would own the most factories, most manpower and most resources in the world by 1938 and your start of campaign would be smooth.

Further tips if you attempt this route: Never try to start a civil war by 1938, with such world tension, the Axis and Allies will go war early and your enemy will likely join one of them, resulting in a need to conquer the whole world before you win and have a unified country. It is quite difficult to be ready to join the world war in 1938. So, if you want to take this route, it's best to start the Great purge early.

However, as of version 1.3.3 it is more likely that the USA will join the Allies when you attack - resulting in all democratic major nations being at war with the USSR at the same time.

The Great Purge[edit]

The chief political concern for the Soviet Union at the beginning of the game is a possible Trotskyite plot. This can be prevented using The Great Purge national focus. However, there is a deadline: the founding of the Fourth International. This will fire during September 1938. The Great Purge takes 210 days to complete; given that national focuses take a multiple of 70 days to complete, this allows up to 700 days of other national focuses to be safely taken first. 770 days are possible but risky. However, given that The Great Purge gives negative modifiers to the army for four years, there is some incentive to get it out of the way early.

The Great Purge consists of four stages as the national focus progresses:

  1. 25%: Trial of the Anti-Soviet Trotskyist Center.
  2. 50%: Secret Trial of the Generals.
  3. 75%: Trial of the 21.
  4. 100%: The Great Purge national focus completed.

For each the first three above, the Soviet Union has the choice of purging one of two groups of ministers/generals. They also have the option of not purging; however, this will lead to a civil war about 90 days after the Fourth International, with each purge not reached or not taken increasing the size of the civil war. If no purges occurred at all (i.e. the Soviet Union didn't complete this focus in time), the Soviet Union has the option of replacing Stalin with Trotsky.

Miscellaneous tips[edit]

Here are some miscellaneous tips that don't have their own subheader.

Support communism in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. If communist parties come to power they'll either join the Soviet Union or become Soviet puppets.

When the player is at war with Germany, keep an eye on the German Focus. Be especially wary of the "Befriend Turkey" focus as the Turks can be a nasty surprise. If possible, take them out of the equation before the war with Germany in order to secure the southern flank. However, be mindful that attacking them can get the Allies declaring war on the Soviet Union as well.

If China becomes Fascist, there is an unhealthy chance they will join the axis. DO NOT let this happen, or you're screwed on 2 fronts: Italy, Hungary, and Germany on the west, and Japan and Nationalist China to the east.

There are many national focuses to boost your manpower, as it can even get up to an overwhelming 30 million.

Be careful about what wars you participate in, as the Soviet Union is generally in a position of great World Tension if the player takes belligerent actions.

It is unwise to attempt to combat both the Democratic states and the Fascist states simultaneously. Until one is eliminated, it is preferable to focus on one bloc first; the Fascists traditionally pose the greater immediate threat.

Careful where you dump your troops to the east, as they can be swallowed by China's unification.

Tips for fighting Germany[edit]

  • Germany relay heavily on tanks for advancing. try deploying heavy tanks instead of light tanks and adding anti-tank battalions to your divisions to take out German tanks. Germany won't be able to replace tanks as easily as to replace infantry.
  • Have some Tactical bombers or CAS aircraft ready for war. Many German fighters will likely be busy on the western front, so achieving air superiority shouldn't be very difficult.
  • Soviet union doesn't have industry powerful enough to build enough fortifications to cover up the border effectively. But if you are willing to fall back a bit, you could use your industry to enhance the Stalin line and make your stand there.
  • Keep an eye on Leningrad during the war. Leningrad is port and can offer a new line of supplies to German forces.
  • The Azerbaijan territories (west of the Caspian sea) are rich with oils that Germany despondently needs. Do not abandon your southern front or Axis will become much harder to defeat in the long run.
  • Send volunteer troops to republican Spain when civil war breaks out, A few tank division is enough to affect the odds. Having the republic Spain as an ally in the fight against the Axis is critical since it will divide the German force long enough to slow down the German advance on the eastern front. Although Italian and German forces most Likely will put a painful end to this alliance by annexing Spain
  • When the German invasion begins you can't afford to have any troops not on the front line against Axis in the west, Helping out the Chinese United Front against Japan will make sure that you don't have to worry about Japan or worse Nationalist China before Germany declare war on you.
  • There are 2 nation which you have to keep an eye on when expecting a German Invasion: Romania and Turkey. the border with Turkey is covered with mountains and even if Turkey joins the Axis they will be more busy interested in sending their forces toward Africa, Balkans or western middle-east to fight the Allies. meaning that a standard army of mountaineers and infantry will be enough to guard the southern front. Romania however will be a greater problem
  • Romania will very likely join the Axis when Axis declare war on Soviet union. The importance of Romania in the war against Germans is because by the time the war breaks out Romania's military becomes highly advanced and powerful and once reinforced by other Axis nation armies, Soviet union forces around Romanian will be likely overwhelmed and a massive part of Soviet union territory including Kiev and Stalingrad can be lost even without German forces having advanced much from Polish border. Romanian border must be heavily guarded
  • It's possible to boost the popularity of Communists in Romania from the very early on and then having Romania an Comintern as result of the election or a coup. improving relationship with Romania and not claiming bassarbia is also an unlikely solution. or if Germany haven't already invaded Poland, decelerating war on Romania by refusing to send ultimatum. invading Romania have chance of getting in war with Axis or Allies so you will reduce the chance of having to fight a full-scale invasion but the events could become a bit unpredictable from that point on.

Albania.png Albania Austria.png Austria Belgium.png Belgium Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Czechoslovakia.png Czechoslovakia Denmark.png Denmark Estonia.png Estonia Finland.png Finland France.png France German Reich.png German Reich Greece.png Greece Hungary.png Hungary Ireland.png Ireland Italy.png Italy Latvia.png Latvia Lithuania.png Lithuania Luxembourg.png Luxembourg Nationalist Spain.png Nationalist Spain Netherlands.png Netherlands Norway.png Norway Poland.png Poland Portugal.png Portugal Republican Spain.png Republican Spain Kingdom of Romania.png Kingdom of Romania Slovakia.png Slovakia Soviet Union.png Soviet Union Sweden.png Sweden Switzerland.png Switzerland Turkey.png Turkey United Kingdom.png United Kingdom Vichy France.png Vichy France Yugoslavia.png Yugoslavia

North America

Dominion of Canada.png Dominion of Canada Costa Rica.png Costa Rica Cuba.png Cuba Dominican Republic.png Dominican Rep. El Salvador.png El Salvador Guatemala.png Guatemala Haiti.png Haiti Honduras.png Honduras Mexico.png Mexico Republic of Nicaragua.png Republic of Nicaragua Panama.png Panama United States.png United States

South America

Argentina.png Argentina Bolivia.png Bolivia Brazil.png Brazil Chile.png Chile Colombia.png Colombia Ecuador.png Ecuador Paraguay.png Paraguay Peru.png Peru Uruguay.png Uruguay Venezuela.png Venezuela


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