Tannu Tuva

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Tannu Tuva
Tannu Tuva.png

Government Type:
Totalitarian Regime


Tannu Tuva is a partially recognized independent state stationed between the Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union and Flag of Mongolia Mongolia. Although formally a sovereign, independent nation, The Soviet Union and Mongolia were the only countries to recognize its independence.

One of the Soviet Union's focus tree options results in Tannu Tuva being annexed, ending its existence as a nation in-game.

Historical Background[edit]

Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, communist troops took Tuva in January 1920. The chaos accompanying this era allowed the Tuvans to again proclaim their independence. On 14 August 1921, the Bolsheviks (supported by Russia) established a Tuvan People's Republic, called Tannu Tuva until 1926. A treaty between the Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic in 1926 affirmed the country’s independence. No other countries formally recognized it, although it appeared on maps and globes produced in the United States.

It is sometimes written, that Tuva entered World War II with the USSR on 22 or 25 June 1941, three days after the German attack on the Soviet Union - but the sources are dubious. Nevertheless, a voluntary funding campaign in Tuva helped the Red Army effort in the fight against the Axis Powers. Additionally, Tuva despatched thousands of horses, skis, overcoats, leather goods. On 11 October 1944, at the request of Tuva's Small People's Khural (parliament), Tuva became a part of the Soviet Union as the Tuvan Autonomous Oblast of the Russian SFSR by the decision of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The Small People's Khural formalized the annexation at its final session on 1 November 1944.

National Spirits[edit]

Tannu Tuva starts with no National Spirits.

National Focus[edit]

Tannu Tuva is not a major country and therefore shares the common generic focus tree which covers five areas: Army, Aviation, Navy, Industry, and Politics.


As a Communist country, Tannu Tuva has a positive relationship with other Communist countries (+10) and a slight negative relationship with everyone else (-10). Tannu Tuva begins in The Comintern at the start of 1936. Tannu Tuva has a (+100) relationship with the USSR and Mongolia for being in the same faction.


  • Tannu Tuva is subject to Flag of Soviet Union Soviet Union's "Annex Tannu Tuva" National Focus, where Tannu Tuva gets the option to be annexed by the Soviet Union and end the game for the player or refuse to join the Soviet Union.



Communism Communist Party of The Soviet Union (CPSU)

  • No Can force government of another country to adopt the same ideology.
  • Yes Can send volunteer forces
  • Yes Can hold territory owned by a country they are not at war with
  • Puppet cost: -30%

Political Parties[edit]

Party Name Party Ideology Party Leader Popularity
Democratic DemocracyDemocratic Suksaha Linge 0%
Communist Party of The Soviet Union (CPSU) Communism Communist Salchak Toka 100%
Fascist Fascism Fascist Fu Kang'an 0%
Non-Aligned Neutrality Non-Aligned Tong Xiangying 0%


The nation starts with the following laws:

Conscription Law Economy Law Trade Law
Limited Conscription.png Limited Conscription
  • 2.5% Recruitable population
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • 30% Consumer Goods factories
  • –30% Factory construction speed
  • +30% Factory (type) conversion cost
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • 50% Resources to market
  • –5% Research time
  • +10% Factory/Dockyard output
  • +10% Construction speed

Political Advisors[edit]

Advisor Type Effect Cost
S.T.Perilenko Silent Workhorse +15% Political Power Gain 150 Political power.png
Vladimir Sokoline Armaments Organizer -20% Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost 150 Political power.png
Nikolay Sidorov Democratic Reformer Daily Democracy Support: +0.1, gets event "Move towards Democracy" 150 Political power.png
Sodmon Balchor Fortification Engineer +20% Land Fort construction speed, +20% Coastal Fort construction speed, +20% Anti Air construction speed 150 Political power.png
Valerie Mejlauk Communist Revolutionary Daily Communism Support: +0.1, gets event "Communism on the Rise" 150 Political power.png
Vyacheslav Vasisiliev Fascist Demagogue Daily Fascism Support: +0.1, gets event "Fascism on the Rise" 150 Political power.png


Tannu Tuva starts in 1936 with two research slots. It can gain two further slots from its National focuses - Extra Research Slot and Extra Research Slot II.

Tannu Tuva begins with the following researched:

  • Infantry
    • Basic eq.



Tannu Tuva starts with the following buildings :

1 Military factoryMilitary Factories 0 Naval dockyardNaval Dockyard 1 Civilian factoryCivilian Factories

As well as 0 free slots


Tannu Tuva starts with the following resources :

Oil.png Oil Rubber.png Rubber Steel.png Steel Aluminum.png Aluminium Tungsten.png Tungsten Chromium.png Chromium
0 0 0 0 0 2



1Infantry.pngInfantry Divisions 0Cavalry.pngCavalry Division 0Mountaineers.pngMountaineer Division 0Light tank.pngLight Tank Divisions

Total: 1 Divisions


No No Ships

Total: 0 Ships

Air Force[edit]

No No Fighters

Total: 0 Planes

Strategies and Guides[edit]

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